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Our Public Charity is standing in your Gap! The H2O Restore team has proven strategy to bring solutions to your Foreclosure challenges be it pending or post Foreclosure. Together with the finest legal defense team, we are paving the road restoring Homeowners dignity, property, and future!
  • What Our Clients Say

    The pending Foreclosure brought so much pressure.  I felt hopeless and defenseless.  I have a wife, a 4 year old and a 1 year old child. I felt so guilty that they would be without a home, that I failed to fulfill my responsibility to them. Continue Reading…

    What Our Clients Say
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    A Non-Profit Organization for 20 years, H2O-Restore is accustomed to serving others.  As advocates for justice in foreclosure defense we have successfully assisted many individuals bringing solutions to their mortgage and financial dilemma. Continue Reading…

  • Foreclosure Defense

    So you bought a house!  Things were moving ahead well when you receive a letter from your lender that says they sold your note!  Wow, so who is this new company who says you owe them money? Let us help make sense of all this for you.

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    Foreclosure Defense

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